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Workbenches and work stations are equipment or furnishings that create an efficient space in which people perform a set of specific duties, whether in offices, plants or manufacturing processes. Ergonomic workstation design remains important in order for workers to accomplish given tasks effectively. Workstations and work benches are manufactured for a variety of facilities and processes; industrial workstations and industrial workbenches provide workspace for machinists, assembly workers and many other industrial manufacturing processes.

Often industrial model work benches are steel workbenches or other metal workbenches as they must be rugged and durable. No matter the material, work benches often accompany lab furniture and workstation furniture to assist in organizing assembly processes in ultra-sterile cleanroom environments. Packing tables provide shipping and handling workers an organized space for preparing products for shipment. Modular workstations are equipped with adjustable shelves, tables and bins which workers can arrange to optimize their workspace. Along with portable workbenches, modular units ensure practicality and efficiency. Workstations designed for office or technical data settings, computer workbenches for example, may come equipped with CPU holders to keep computer processing units safely off the floor or tabletop and out of the way. Ergonomic workstations adapt the work environment to the worker, instead of forcing the worker to adapt to his or her work environment. By ensuring that workers are comfortable, organized and unstrained while performing job duties leads to increased output of work and a decreased risk of work related injuries. The implementation of ergonomic principles is important for reducing stress and eliminating injuries in factories, manufacturing facilities and office settings. Injuries resulting from ergonomic issues consist of about a third of the 1.7 million work injuries per year. Key elements of ergonomic work benches include adjustability and modularity, which remain especially important when more than one person must utilize the same work benches. Adjustable work benches can be altered to fit the needs of the workers, changing the height of work benches desks, chairs and in some cases desk drawers, cabinets and keyboard platforms. Modular work benches contain components that can be rearranged. Modular shelves, drawers and cabinets can be situated in various configurations to suit the needs of workers.

Some Leading Manufacturers

IAC Industries

Brea, CA | 714-990-8997

IAC Industries is a reliable manufacturer that offers a full range of work stations. Our work stations are ideal for various applications and industries such as material handling, packaging, electronics assembly, manufacturing, medical, military and more. We offer short lead times and our experts are available to assist you with determining the best work station for your application. If you would like more information please visit our website today!

RDM Industrial Products, Inc.

Milpitas, CA | 800-545-7619

We manufacture a number of work stations including adjustable lift tables, aluminum tables, ball transfer tables, cleanroom tables, computer stations, double sided tables, double shelf tables, flow rack stations, heavy-duty tables, laboratory tables, laminar flow stations, duel shelf workstations and much more. Our high performance products are equipped with a full range of benefits and we are turnkey supplier who will quickly deliver all of your products. Contact us today to learn more.


Haverhill, MA | 800-739-9067

We are proud to say that all of our products are made right here in the United States. Since 1978 we have created a diverse selection of work stations and it is our mission to stay on the forefront of our industry. We can tailor our products to meet your needs and our methodology is unmatched. Our first class solutions are cost efficient and we are a dependable manufacturer. Give one of our representatives a call today!

Igar System, Inc.

Madison, WI | 262-432-9433

Igar System is an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of work bench and workplace solutions. We design a broad range of workstations and ergonomic workplace furniture for use in many different industrial applications. Our workplace solutions are ruggedly constructed and efficiently utilize space, so you can maximize productivity even in the roughest environments. We offer a huge range of customizable options to meet all of your workspace requirements.

AFC Industries, Inc.

College Point, NY | 800-663-3412

Here at AFC Industries, we have manufacturing experience dating back to 1994 and over the years we have grown into a leading manufacturer of high quality workstations. Our products are ergonomically designed to promote efficiency, and they are constructed to adapt easily to practically any working environment. Turn to AFC Industries today for an outstanding workstation solution.

Numerous types of work benches and workstations exist, most of which are tailored to specific applications. Industrial workbenches, work benches, computer work benches and command operation centers represent some of the most common furniture produced by work bench manufacturers. Work benches are necessary in almost every business in every industry. Workers who rely on work areas provided by work bench manufacturers include: office workers, call center staff, factory workers, clean room workers, assembly line workers, operators and air traffic controllers. The benefits of reducing stress and worker injuries by purchasing work benches or workstations customized to specific applications far outweigh the costs. Ergonomic workbenches in particular are an excellent means of providing areas where workers increase productivity by being able to easily organize and access items necessary for the accomplishment of their duties in a way that causes minimal physical strain or injury.

While industrial equipment manufacturers often refer to “workstations” and “workbenches” interchangeably, there is a small difference between the two terms. “Workstations”, in industrial manufacturing, encompasses assembly tables, chairs, storage benches, racks, laminar flow benches, cleanroom work benches and office tables, and although “workbench” often refers to the same items, it more specifically refers to assembly tables, storage tables and lab work tables, focusing on work surface areas instead of entire units with furniture, shelving and storage. “Workstations” (as opposed to “industrial workstations”, which refers specifically to the types of workstations used in an industrial setting) in the broader commercial and manufacturing community generally refer to either a) office, IT, home or school workplace furniture and computer work stations, CPU holders and furniture or b) computers and computer systems which provide a software “work station” for IT administrators. “Workbenches”, refers to equipment used in industrial manufacturing, with the exception of woodworking and hobbyists’ workbenches, which are recognizably related to industrial workbenches. Workbenches are ergonomically designed with shelves, reels or laminar flow for the assembly of industrial parts, while workstations are sometimes units of specialized industrial assembly furniture including benches, chairs, shelves and accessories, and sometimes the term “workstation” is used to refer to non-industrial computer systems or office furniture sets.

IAC Industries

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